ANZONA (Australian New Zealand Orthopaedic Nurses Group)

‘The growth of ANZONA – From Little Things Big Things Grow’

The story of ANZONA has occurred over a 10-15 year span. 'From little things big things grow' exemplifies the success of ANZONA.

Financial members of QONSIG are automatically members of ANZONA

1997 - NSW Orthopaedic Conference - suggestions made to form a National orthoapedic Nurses Group
2002 - e-mail contact with each state and territory of Australia to seek interest in the formation of a National Orthopaedic Nurses body. First meeting held around a kitchen table in NSW with representatives from NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA and TAS present.
2003 - 1st formal meeting held at the QONSIG conference in Noosa - National body formation working party formed with Camille Dowling (QLD) as Chair.
2004 - New Zealand joined the National body formation working party. ANZONA constitution and philosophy produced for review.
2005 - 1st ANZONA AGM and conference in Perth hosted by WAONA. ANZONA constitution and philosophy approved - Camille Dowling (QLD) President
2006 - 2nd ANZONA AGM and Conference in Canberra
2007 - 3rd ANZONA AGM and conference in Rotorua NZ - Kim Brooks (NZ) President
2009 - 4th ANZONA AGM and conference in Adlelaide SA - Cheryl Kimber (SA) President
2011 - 5th ANZONA AGM and conference Brisbane QLD - Shiela Gilritchie (QLD) incoming President


  • The AGM is held bi annually during the ANZONA conference
  • ANZONA delegates have a representative from each state and territory in Australia and North and South Island of New Zealand who attend teleconference and report back to each chapter.
  • Teleconferencing occurrs on a bi monthly basis between all committee members and chapter delegates of ANZONA
  • Production of a Bi Annual conference
  • Bi- Annual AGM